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Ways to Help a Plateau Effect when Losing Weight

ways to help a plateau effectMajority of the weight loss programs available promise you surprising results in a very short period of time, but most of them do not guarantee that you will not hit plateau. A weight loss plateau stage is a phase most common in long term exercise routines wherein the body stops losing weight and maintains the current weight regardless of the continued diet and exercise. This is very frustrating since you do not see your efforts pulling through. Everything tends to stay the same. Your weighing scale never changes and you feel no difference in your body. This is a normal stage though, and there are a lot of ways to help a plateau effect disappear. Here are some tips to help you fight the weight loss plateau.

Confuse your body by consuming an uneven calorie level. This varied calorie intake will awaken your body and give it the nudge that it needs to get back on losing weight. The fluctuation in your calorie level keeps your body guessing and in turn keeps you away from the plateau. This may mean that you have to increase your calorie intake today and decrease it the following day. Just keep the variations going and you will feel the results in no time.

Changing your exercise routines will also help you fight the weight loss plateau much easier. Since your body has already adapted to the same fitness routines, it is now time to switch up your workouts. Add strength training or do a different aerobic exercise by enrolling at a fitness center near you. The key here is to keep your body moving at a different pace every time.

As regards your dieting, you may opt to start a food journal in order to keep you on track. Oftentimes, weight loss plateaus result from being unconscious of every calorie you consume. Your food journal can help you monitor your caloric intake and help correct issues that may occur along the way.

Fighting the weight loss plateau is easy, all you have to do is follow the tips given above to get your body that extra boost that it needs to get back on track of losing weight.

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