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Ways to Quit Smoking

ways to quit smokingWith the innovation of technology and introduction to various items that can help you quit smoking, you have a number of choices to choose from. You can buy nicotine patches, nicotine sprays, nicotine gums and electronic cigarettes. Every item is advertised to help you quit smoking but is it effective? Not every item sold in the market that is advertised to help you quit smoking will work; it is a manner of choosing which is best for you and what you would want to try. The success rate for each item varies and ever body doesn’t gain the same results as other smoker.

Buying these items does not only increase your chances to quit smoking but also they help you to decrease the percent of nicotine that is very harmful in your body. But are these items the only ways to quit smoking? There are other methods available in the market which you can try but are not as inexpensive as the items listed above. Therapy also takes longer to see the results and it involves a lot of money and time to devote.

Low Tar Cigarettes – this is a great alternative for light smokers or people who have been smoking recently. They introduce a smaller amount of tar you induce everyday unlike normal cigarettes. You can also try E Cigs which are tar free and allow you do gradually reduce the amount of nicotine that you are taking into your system.

Hypnotherapy – is a very expensive technique which needs the use of a professional therapist. This is done during a number of sessions and this method eliminates the urge of smoking plus it will cure and know the reasons of why you smoke.

Laser Therapy – is also a very expensive procedure that needs the service of a professional. This technique will help lessen the symptoms with one session but people who undergo laser therapy needs a longer time to recover. If you intend to undergo such procedure, you might want to lessen your load after the therapy in order to rest.

Aversive Therapy – this is a technique that is extreme but highly effective. What the therapy will do is that you will be examined to know the reasons behind smoking, and then a professional will provide you with the harmful effects of smoking and introduce to you the disadvantage of smoking a cigarette while undergoing shock therapy. Every time you puff a cigarette, your body is introduced to limited amount of electricity. This method is very extreme and expensive but effective.

Whatever the technique and procedure you want to take, be sure that you are ready and that you acknowledge that you need change. if you are not open enough to do what is necessary for stopping the addiction, the methods won’t be as effective as it should be.

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