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What Are Karastan Area Rugs

Karastan area rugsWhile many people have heard of Karastan Rugs, also commonly referred to as Karastan area rugs, not a lot of people know about the history of these household accessories and even those who understand a little about these rugs might be really surprised to find the full history behind these.  Most consumers who spend any amount of time at all looking for high end rugs will come across these Karastan area rugs and learn quickly that they are very high end and considered some of the nicest options out there…but with prices that also match.

However these rugs are still often cheaper than a genuine Oriental hand woven rug, and what many people don’t know is that although Karastan rugs are based around the classic hand woven designs from the Orient that have long been known for their designs, colors, styles, and beauty.  But Karastan rugs actually are not Oriental at all.  Maybe in design, but these rugs are actually (to the surprise of many) American made.

Basically these really came onto the scene because in the 1920′s Marshall Field & Co developed a way for machines to make these rugs which were nearly impossible to tell apart from real Oriental rugs unless you were an absolute specialist in the field.  This only not allowed them to fill a demand that far exceeded the supply up to that point, but machine made rugs were much more affordable than the hand woven models, meaning more people could experience this luxury without completely breaking the bank.

When it comes to rugs, you can settle for something like a common wool area rug, or you can look at getting top notch Oriental rug quality for a fraction of the price of what the actual antiques would cost by giving Karastan area rugs a serious chance.

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