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Why Walk in Showers Are So Appealing

walk in showersBathtubs used to be the number one accessory in the bathroom, but nowadays, people have begun to replace the bathtub with walk in showers. The reason why walk in showers are becoming increasingly popular is because walk in showers and their enclosures are much safer than bathtubs. Walk in showers are also easier to clean than bathtubs and they use all the space available for them as well as make that space much more stylish.

While it’s nice to soak in a bathtub after a long day, bathtubs are not entirely safe. Statistics has shows that thousands of people injure themselves from slipping in their bathtubs every year. Surveys have proven this fact which is why bathtubs are quite dangerous to have especially for children and the elderly.  The best way to eliminate the danger is to remove the bath in your bathroom and use a shower space that you don’t need to step in to.

This is why replacing the bathtub with a walk in shower enclosure will make it safer for everyone. Everyone slips in the bathroom, and by removing the bathtub, people will no longer need to step over the tub to get a shower, which reduces the risk of slipping immensely. If someone should slip in the shower, having the tub removed will reduce the chance of someone getting seriously hurt because there will be less obstacles and objects around to break the fall. For example, someone falling won’t hit their head on the side of the tub, of fall out of the tub.

Walk in showers bring style and beauty to the shower area because there will be less clutter in the shower area. Walk in showers only have a shower mounted on the wall and additional shower curtains of glass doors can be used to protect the rest of the bathroom from getting wet. This will give you more space in the bathroom which can be filled with more decorations.

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