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Why You Should Use Halogen Bulbs Over Other Lighting

lightingThough halogen bulbs are somewhat likened to incandescent lighting, the both of them are still different in a lot of ways. Knowing what these differences are will help you produce a lighting that will not only serve your purpose but will also greatly affect your lighting design in general.

Here are the things that make halogen bulbs and incandescent or other conventional lighting different from each other, and why halogen bulb is a more popular choice.

Halogen lights yields whiter and brighter light compared to the incandescent bulb. It has higher color temperature that yields an attractive version to a wide array of colors. This is the reason why this type is best if you want to display colors in the normal type of lighting. The halogen light’s quality is good that it is a very good lighting option for parking lots and other huge spaces.

Another thing is that halogen lights require not as much maintenance as compared to the other conventional lighting. Halogen lights also last longer. It can last up to 2000 hours compared to incandescent bulbs that can only last for 750 hours. Because of this, frequent replacement is not needed. You can save on this and on the cost of hiring professional electrician to replace it. This makes halogen bulbs dependable.

Special halogen lamps can be configured and can be made to operate for low voltage applications. This allows the lamp to be used competently and still provide a good range of luminance. This is perfect for accent lighting for decorations and displays.
The only downside of halogen bulbs is its price. The manufacturer’s price is relatively higher compared to the other types of lighting. But given that it tends to last longer and frequent replacement is not necessary then this may even make you gain more savings in the long run.

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