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You Can Save A Lot Of Sewing With Ready Made Curtains

ready made curtainsAre you the type that likes to sew and prefer to make your own curtains?  If so, you can still benefit from ready made curtains.  They are a great way to supplement what you have in your home and save yourself some sewing time.  You could even add a different touch with something like eyelet curtains, which can be more difficult to make.  Here are some thoughts on how you can supplement your own custom styles with some store bought curtains.

1.  Purchase curtains for rooms with low traffic —  You could buy curtains for rooms with little traffic like dens or children’s bedrooms.  Since these rooms will not be seen by many people you will not be able to show off your work as much.  These might be great places to place ready made curtains.  This way you can spend your time dedicating your skills to more high traffic rooms where people can admire your work.

2.  There are great prices for standard sized windows —  Often times the low traffic rooms have standard sized windows.  Since these are so common the manufacturers tend to make more in this size.  Therefore, you will have a great selection to choose from and chances are greater that you will find a great deal. Another option is to get the sheers and other accessories that can accentuate your hand made curtains.

3.  Save your custom work for those odd sized windows and for your high traffic rooms —  By purchasing curtains for the lesser used rooms you can focus your efforts on the rooms that are a focal point in your home.  You can be patient and take your time with these.  This will allow you to get some nice curtains in the other rooms for a good price and design something exquisite for the main rooms like your living room and dining room.

Even as a skilled seamstress you can benefit from ready made curtains.  Buying these from the stores will save you a lot of time and if you shop around you can find some really good prices.  You can blend your talents with those you can get off the shelf.  By putting these up in low traffic rooms it will allow you to spend your time focusing on making your own creations for the main rooms in your home.

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