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Your Vending Business

vending businessWould you believe that a simple business as vending is also surrounded by tough competition? One reason is because of its low-capital requirement, thus a lot of people can afford to set-up this business.

So, how can you penetrate this market knowing that almost all good locations are already saturated by competitors? Why not look at the possibility of offering partnership with a charitable institution? This can be a good start to build your credibility and image in the industry. Also, your vending business can shine over your competitors because store administrators can associate your business with your sponsored charitable institution. Besides, doesn’t it feel good if you know that your vending business is not only there for profit, but for a good cause, too?

To give you an idea on how this strategy works, the well-established charities have a menu of sponsorship programs that you can choose from. All you have to do is pick the one that would best fit your purpose and you’re headed to a worthy start. Usually, you can donate $1 of your vending machine monthly income to your charity. For example, you operate 300 vending machines, then every month, you donate to them $300. This arrangement works well with these institutions because it will spare them the effort to solicit donations outside. Your donations will be matched by giving you their official stickers in place of your sponsorship. These stickers can serve as your passport in applying for a commercial vending space in malls and stores. Also, you get to outshine your competitors because the public can easily connect your vending business with the charitable institution.

So, if you’re open to exert some extra effort and share your bounties with these charities and support their noble intentions, this marketing strategy can be for you. Charity associations you could choose are those involved in feeding poor families, providing shelter for the homeless, fighting for animal rights or even supporting the education of orphans. In case your chosen charity doesn’t have any sponsorship programs in place yet, you can also extend help to set up a program structure for them.

Whatever role you’ll play in this advocacy, what’s important is that you will not only be able to promote your vending business, but also give hope to the less privileged people in your community.

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