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Zebra Print Scrub Tops

Zebra print scrub topsMany who work in the hospital setting desire to not be a part of the same old boring crowd wearing scrubs that look just like everybody else is wearing. Nursing scrubs are currently much more fashionable  in their designs recently, and have begun to cater to those who are more fashion minded. You need look no further than current fashion trends to realize that animal prints are hot, trendy and stylish. Nowhere is there a more popular animal print in the zebra print. Zebra print scrub tops have become a fashionable alternative to other prints, and make putting your best fashion statement forward as part of your work life as well as your time away from work.

It’s a necessity of your work life to have functionality before style and how you purchase your work wardrobe will take this into consideration.  However, nobody says you can’t be stylish at the same time. Scrub manufactuerers have become increasingly aware tht we want both fashion and functionality and are no offering more options which cater to both needs. What animal print scrub tops do is blend functionality with a hot fashion trend and allow you to make a statement about your personality as you dress for work. In fact, animal print scrub tops have become quite popular amongst the major scrub manufacturers. Most now offer various styles, from wraparound to pull overs and even jackets in zebra print.

The bold geometric design of the zebra print will certainly keep you from blending in with the rest of the solid colors so prevalent in scrub attire that most of your coworkers will be wearing. Additionally, the pieces are easy to merge with your existing wardrobe because of their basic black-and-white coloring. They are easily paired with any pair of solid scrub pants you already have in your closet. The print can be matched with a wide range of colors such as red, burgundy, black, white, neutral colors such as beige or khaki, to fuchsia or hot pinks. This will give you a lot of flexibility in mixing with pieces you already own.

If you love animal prints in your regular wardrobe, do not hesitate to add them to your work wardrobe. Zebra print scrub tops have become quite the trendy item, and help you to make a statement about your own fashion tastes.

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