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Zombie Games and More

zombie gamesIt can become quite a headache searching though all the different games that are available to play online these days.  You will come across everything from mouse clicking games to very complex games with great graphics.  All the genres out there have made it hard though to find something that you like.  For this reason I want to give you a brief overview on a couple games that you might like to try.

If you are looking for variety and a genre that has a lot to offer then you need to try out some zombie games.  Zombies games became extremely popular when all the zombie movies and tv shows were hitting the market.  Game developers all jumped on the bandwagon and came out with some great games for you to play.  Zombie games come in all shapes and sizes though.  If you like action then you can find first person shooter zombie games, but if you like more of the strategy type of game then you will find that also.  The end goal in almost all zombie games is to kill the zombies.

My personal favorite that I would highly recommend is a strategy game by the name of Plant vs. Zombies.  Plants vs. Zombies starts off in your backyard which is set up like a checker board.  In the beginning you will have to arrange basic pea shooters around the yard which will shot peas at the oncoming zombies.  The zombies will start off basic also with your average slow mindless zombie.  These guys will be easy to kill without much work.  As you progress though the zombies will start to have protection and get much harder to kill but don’t worry you will also unlock new weapons as you got on.

If Zombie games are for you then you could always try out some truck games.  Truck games will be like your average racing game just off road usually so it adds a unique little twist.

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